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Raising the Standard of

Senior Care

Professional Care That Your Loved Ones Deserve

Home is where the heart is and where your family will always be. However, your elderly family members may need professional assistance to meet their specific needs. At Emma’s Angels Board & Care LLC in Converse, Texas, we offer a safe, comfortable place for them to grow and acquire the care they need.


Company History

Emma's Angels Board & Care LLC is a small, family-owned-and-operated assisted living home in Converse, Texas. We provide quality, 24-hour care for seniors.

With a combined 35 years of experience, we are committed to raising the standards of quality of care for the senior community. We do this by providing assistance similar to that of a larger community but in a home-like setting with a high staff ratio of 1:3. We complete assessments and individualize care plans according to the needs of our clients.

Other nursing homes constantly hire different staff, and you may never know who is taking care of your loved one. Here at Emma’s Angels, you can rest assured that our staff has proven to be trustworthy and reliable.

If your loved one is having difficulties completing daily tasks, assisted living might be the best option. In our home, our residents aren’t just clients. They become family.

Meet Our Founders

Justin and Vanessa Munoz are the owners and operating managers of Emma’s Angels Board & Care LLC. They are proud parents of seven children (five sons, and two daughters) and one grandson.

In 2017, they lost one of their daughters due to a tragedy. Their family was devastated, but faith kept them together. A year later, they created and formed Emma’s Angels Board & Care LLC in memory of their daughter, Justis Emma Munoz.

Our children will live forever through their own children, but Emma will never experience that, so Justin and Vanessa decided to create a legacy in her honor. She was their angel, and they want her legacy to be remembered as one of love and hope. They believe their family business will do just that.

Emma’s wings were ready, but her loved ones’ hearts weren’t. The family believes that Emma’s contribution can continue through caring for others and making their time on earth as much of a blessing as Emma’s short time here on Earth was.

Just like how Nehemiah 8:10, puts it, we at Emma’s Angels Board & Care LLC will make sure all is prepared for those in need. 


Mission Statement

Our goal is to create a home-like atmosphere while offering personal attention to the physical, emotional,

and social needs of every resident.


What Our Clients Say

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Emma’s Angels Board & Care LLC

An Insured Business

Phone: 210-383-2616 | Email:

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